Why Choose Southern Accent Shutters

Why choose Southern Accent Shutters to custom make your plantation shutters? We have been in business since 1998, delighting customers with our gorgeous hand crafted plantation shutters!

Quality - Lifetime Warranty! Our fit and finish is superb. Our shutter is the thickest, sturdiest shutter in our market. It will insulate and block light like no other window covering!

Solution - This is what (and all) that we do! We are the factory and we know what solution will work the best in your windows with this custom product. Trust people who install shutters several times a DAY (not a month)!

Service - We are truly local. Our turnaround time is 4 to 5 weeks. When a customer has a shutter accident we can fix it in days not weeks or months!

Selection - Premium Wood Shutters, Select Wood Shutters, Premium Stained Shutters, and Garage Grade Shutter. NO one else offers a garage grade shutter (for half the price)!

Made in the USA! What does this mean to you? We custom make each of your shutters in our Clayton plant. It is not made overseas and shipped or “assembled locally”. Support America!

Go Green! Our poplar wood is from the Appalachian Forest Boundary and is a US Forest Service certified renewable resource that is aggressively planted! Our bass wood is from Wisconsin. Don’t settle for lightweight foreign trash wood from a clear cut forest! Know that your product is custom painted with a quality, non-toxic Sherwin Williams cabinet grade lacquer. Don’t buy a non-regulated foreign product painted or vinyl wrapped with who knows what!

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